We heard our customers and retailers loud and clear. They wanted a squeezable, BPA-free plastic bottle with zero calories, no artificial sweeteners, and great taste.

We tasted some of the current flavor enhancers and they were laden with chemicals—simply put, they tasted awful! We knew we just had to offer our customers something better, and something better for them.

Our five most popular Sweet Drops are now on shelves all across the U.S. Enjoy our mouth-watering Sweet Drops with the same trusted SweetLeaf sweetness and delicious taste with zero calories and no sugars.

Available in Five Favorite Flavors


Enjoy the sweet taste of melted sugars, browned to delicious perfection. Caramel Sweet Drops are the epitome of indulgence. Try it in coffee for a caramel macchiato experience at home or flavor up your morning yogurt to add a little extra sweetness to your daily routine.

Nutrition Facts

Caramel Sweet Drops™ Liquid Stevia Nutrition Facts | SweetLeaf®


The indispensable flavor of vanilla has been a pantry staple for centuries. Now, take the go-to taste with you in a perfectly portable bottle. Step up the taste of your homemade whipped cream, take your French toast to the next level, or even flavor up a delicious Italian soda with a hint of Vanilla Sweet Drops in sparkling water.

Nutrition Facts

Vanilla Sweet Drops™ Liquid Stevia Nutrition Facts | SweetLeaf®


The crave-worthy sweetness of the classic confection has been captured in a travel-friendly size for use anywhere. The luxurious flavor of chocolate amplifies the essence of recipes and drinks alike. Squeeze into milk for a blast of chocolate or create tempting baked goods and confections.

Nutrition Facts

Chocolate Sweet Drops™ Liquid Stevia Nutrition Facts | SweetLeaf®


Exotic coconut flavor deliciously adds the taste of the tropics to recipes. Coconut Sweet Drops are a refreshing addition to everything from smoothies and ice cream, to oatmeal and baked goods.

Nutrition Facts

Coconut Sweet Drops™ Liquid Stevia Nutrition Facts | SweetLeaf®


For the times when you want to add natural sweetness, without sugars or added flavors, SteviaClear is the clear choice. Use to deliciously sweeten all your favorite recipes.

Nutrition Facts

SteviaClear Sweet Drops™ Liquid Stevia Nutrition Facts | SweetLeaf®

Product Awards

Progressive Grocer Editors' Pick

50ml SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Caramel was selected by Progressive Grocer‘s editorial team as an Editors’ Pick for taste, innovation, function, and convenience.