Tell Us Your Sweet Story

Posted on February 26th, 2013, in Community, Lifestyle.

Tell Us Your Sweet Story | SweetLeaf®

How does SweetLeaf® help you, inspire you, or just plain make your life sweeter? Let the world know by commenting below.

  • Kate Abate

    I love my sweetleaf products! I am a fitness professional and I use the flavored drops daily, as well as the water drops, to help me stick to my nutrition goals. No single product helps me more! I do not know what I would do without sweetleaf flavored stevia in my life. Thank you so much for making meal planning tolerable and delicious!

  • Deanna McHaffie

    I discovered SweetLeaf when I started eating clean. I LOVE that I can have the expensive coffee taste with the drops and a little half and half at a fraction of the cost….every day!

  • Wesley Hunt

    I am not one who advocates things, but I am compelled to do so when it comes to SweetLeaf Stevia. I am 66 years old and about three years ago, I weighed 269 pounds, I was on three different medications for high blood pressure, and I was reaching the threshold for Type 2 diabetes. Because of the risk of diabetes, I decided to reduce my sugar intake. I drink a lot of sweet ice tea a day (1/2 to 3/4 gallon) and decided that is where I would cut back on sugar. I tried artificial sweeteners but I did not care for the taste. I read about stevia and decided to give it a try. Research lead me to SweetLeaf stevia. Although it comes in different flavors, I use SweetLeaf Clear Drops. I liked the taste and a 4 oz bottle will last me four months. Long story short, over the past three years I have lost 54 pounds so far, making no other changes in my diet and I became more active. I am down to one blood pressure medication, and my blood sugar has dropped enough to put me in the normal range for my age. Reducing my sugar intake and replacing it with SweetLeaf stevia was the best choice for me.