SweetLeaf® Stevia Fact Sheet

Posted on March 5th, 2013, in Community, SweetLeaf.

SweetLeaf® Stevia Fact Sheet | SweetLeaf®

SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener Product Facts

  • SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener is derived from the stevia plant, an herb native to Paraguay.
  • SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener has zero calories, zero carbohydrates and non-glycemic response.
  • SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener contains three ingredients: stevia leaf extract, silica, and inulin, a soluble vegetable fiber. Inulin is a naturally occurring prebiotic that nourishes the body’s good intestinal flora, supporting good digestive health and immune function. Silica is a naturally occurring substance recommended by the FDA as an anti-caking agent in many powdered foods.
  • SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener uses only organic stevia leaves. Currently, the only source of organic leaves and processing comes from China. No other place in the world has the capacity to extract and meet the USDA or EU standard for organic foods. SweetLeaf works very closely with the manufacturer to ensure every lot is up to standards and is tested to ensure the highest quality product.
  • SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener was the first stevia-based sweetener to receive GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status in the United States.
  • SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener can be found in the sweetener or natural products aisle of your local grocery store and in health and natural foods stores.
  • SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener is ideal for everyone, including people watching their weight, managing diabetes and fitness enthusiasts who embrace clean eating. It is gluten free, as well.

  • gr8lvr

    Just needing to make sure… in any of your products do you have any ingredients that are derived from corn? Have have major sensitivity towards corn as well as gluten so I have to be double cautious! Thanks!

    • SweetLeaf Stevia

      When it comes to your health and safety, there is no such thing as being too cautious! You’ll be glad to know that our products are free of corn and corn derived ingredients.

      • Jenni Bosi

        Are your new water drops free of corn? I see that they contain citric acid. Is that deprived from corn?

        • SweetLeaf Stevia

          @jennib0674:disqus, our Water Drops are also 100% free of corn. Also, we’re holding a 30% off promotion in our online store than applies to Water Drops and the rest of your order! 🙂


  • Kelly

    What type of plant fiber is the inulin from?

    • SweetLeaf Stevia

      Hi Kelly, great question! It is derived from chicory root.

  • Liz

    I’m wondering about the relative sweetness of the drops, packets, tablets, “loose” powder (in the shakable canister), and sugar. Is this equivalence correct?
    5 drops = 1 packet = 2 tablets = 1/2 tsp powder = 2 tsp of sugar

  • Jay

    Do any of the Stevia plants you use in sweetleaf come from China?

  • SweetLeaf Stevia

    We are proud to use a water based extraction method.

  • SweetLeaf Stevia

    Our inulin (which is derived from chicory root) is used in our powder packets and 4oz shaker jar to help make the product easier to measure out, however we also carry a pure powder extract with no additional ingredients.

    The drops have never included inulin. Regarding the natural flavors, they are plant based, which means that we use a combination of herbs, fruits, vegetables, and essences. Sweet Drops contain no MSG or any flavor enhancers. Our liquids are also vegan and gluten free, meaning they contain no corn, wheat, barley or rye. We do not use GMO products.

    • Kimmer

      Can you elaborate on exactly what is in the natural flavors? The description is very vague, and there are many products, ingredients, and food I cannot consume for health reasons. Thank you.

      • SweetLeaf Stevia

        @disqus_ny1yF4D6pe:disqus, our natural flavoring is a proprietary blend of herbs, fruits and vegetables. However, if you let us know which ingredients you need to avoid, we can confirm whether or not our products contain those ingredients.

        • Kimmer

          Thank you, but I prefer to support brands that are transparent about what is in their products.

        • Mia Inge

          @sweetleafstevia:disqus What are the natural flavors in the Vanilla Creme Sweet Drops? I’m highly allergic to corn and corn derivatives including vanilla extract that’s made with Ethanol. I’m also allergic to carrots, beets, green beans, oranges, apples, cloves, cocoa, potatoes, rice, tree nuts, and peanuts. Thanks!

    • Kareem Humaidan

      Hi, I can’t find the pure powder extract on your website, did you discontinue it?

  • kelyi

    Are all the stevia plants you use organic? Are they GMO?

    • SweetLeaf Stevia

      Our stevia extract is organic and our products are all natural. All of our products are non-GMO, and a number of our products have been Non-GMO Project Verified and we are awaiting on verification on the rest.

  • Mickaela

    Is each packet really 0 calories ? I ask because I have tried other kind of stevia and it turns out it was 3 calories per packet cause it contained dextrose 🙁

    • SweetLeaf Stevia

      Hi @disqus_TfM2e33JOb:disqus, thanks for reaching out. Each packet of SweetLeaf Stevia is indeed 0 calories. If you have any other questions, we’re here to help. 🙂

  • Amy

    What is the best thing to do if your SweetLeaf has hardened?

    • SweetLeaf Stevia

      Amy, this is the first time we’ve heard of an issue like this. Would you be able to supply us with more details, such as the specific product and lot number? If you feel more comfortable giving us this information over email, we can be reached at social@sweetleaf.com.

    • Cricket Clarke

      This has happened to me every time I buy a container of the loose (measureable) sweet leaf product. I think the humidity of the house gets into it and causes it to harden into a giant, cylindrical mass of stevia. I grind it back into a powder with a stone mortar and pestle. Try sticking it in an airtight Ziploc bag with some rice in the bottom of the bag to absorb any humidity to prevent the hardening. I just buy the packets or drops now because I can’t stand grinding it back down.

    • didans

      My stevia also hardened. But this happened only after I sprinkled it over a pot of chai. Steam got into the stevia container. Like Cricket, I’m taking out chunks and grinding in down before I want to use it. Next time I purchase stevia, I’ll keep it away from any moisture.

    • Robbylee D.

      I realize this is 2 years in the waiting (!) but I too had this issue. I used it in hot products like coffee or tea and it melted.

  • Raeosunshine59

    Is there any other source for inulin other than chicory root? I’m really, really allergic to products with inulin. I saw that you carry a line without inulin, but I couldn’t find it in my area. Is the name, or label different?

    • SweetLeaf Stevia

      @Raeosunshine59:disqus, our liquid products and stevia extracts do not contain inulin. You can find them in our online store: http://www.shopsweetleaf.com

  • Janet B

    I have researched all of the stevia packets and have decided yours is the best as far as the fillers go. But there is one concern that bothers me. Yours are the only ones that come in an aluminum packet. I’m trying to stay away from aluminum because of all the concerns about Alzheimers. Do you make any without this aluminum?
    Thank you……Janet

  • you don’t get it

    Thank you for this product! Is there a way to get some samples for clients of mine (I’m a dietitian), and to order some wholesale to sell? Cathyhains@gmail.com

  • Ailora

    That’s not what my bottle states. The ingredients in this bottle of Sweet Leaf Sweet Drops are: purified water (good), organic stevia (good) and natural flavors (WTF?). It’s the ‘natural flavors’ that gives me pause. We all know the marketing phrases used in the good ole US of A and ‘natural flavors’ is about as truthful and descriptive as ‘nutritious and delicious’. So, please, explain exactly what these natural flavors are.

  • JRD

    The terms “organic” and “from China” do not belong in the same sentence! I just read an article about so-called “organic” spices produced in China that made me throw up (grown in sewage, sprayed with a highly toxic chemical, methyl bromide, and full of “filth” as defined by the FDA) before I checked all of the spice bottles in my cupboard and threw out most of them. Why can’t you grow organic stevia in the USA where there are true quality and safety standards? Paul Midler, long a broker between American importers and Chinese suppliers and the author of “Poorly Made in China” writes that the Chinese business model is based on deception. Midler saw first-hand how representatives of American companies were continually duped by Chinese producers and unable to do anything about the lack of quality or safety measures. Since you now state that “organic” Sweetleaf stevia (which I’ve used and recommended for years) is produced in China, you just lost a customer–ME! And I’ll tell everyone I know not to use it.

  • JRD

    This statement “…no other place in the world has the capacity to…” is NOT TRUE. The Chinese business model is DECEIT. Read Paul Midler’s book, “Poorly Made in China” to get an insider’s account of how the Chinese dupe importers and have no safety or quality standards, but commonly adulterate all products except for selected “samples” they show to company reps. The words “organic” and “China” do not belong in the same sentence. The only reason you’re getting your product from China now is because it’s cheaper (cheap labor, no standards equal more profit and who cares about customers’ health?)

  • Dawn Gonzales

    Do any of your sweet drops flavors contain gluten or dairy? I don’t know what the natural flavors are.

    • SweetLeaf Stevia

      @dawn_gonzales:disqus, all of our Sweet Drops flavors are free of gluten and dairy. We hope this helps!

  • Jennifer Thorpe

    Your packet product says “allergen free”. I have asthma and have read some people say they had a reaction or asthma issues because the plant is in the ragweed family. Can you give me more information?

  • Amanda Lane

    I am having trouble finding the ingredients for the flavored drops online, anyway you can help me out?

  • Susanne

    I’m a bit confused as your website FAQ’s says the sweetleaf drops do not need to be refrigerated but on the bottle it says they do need to be refrigerated. I recently had a reaction to the bottles I had that were not refrigerated (heartburn, watery eyes). Wondering if they had gone bad? They were recently purchased so it wasn’t a matter of age. Thanks!

    • SweetLeaf Stevia

      @disqus_K1eg8nUFux:disqus, the Sweet Drops do not need to be refrigerated. Would you be able to contact our customer service team with details on this matter? If you can include the “best by” date in your email, that would be very helpful.

      The customer service team can be reached at: service@wisdomnaturalbrands.com

  • Jamie

    What is the ratio of inulin to stevia?

  • Jon Kuhlmeyer

    How much of Sweet Leaf SteviaClear Sweet Drops is Stevioside and how much of it is Rebaudioside A?

    • Jon Kuhlmeyer

      Please answer my question.

  • Cori Brennan Golanowski

    I just bought this and have a naturo path telling me that I should of not got the clear but looked for green stevia cause this means that it has been over processed to be clear, is this true?

  • Angela Germano

    Why doesn’t this “fact sheet” show the nutritional info that’s on the package? (REALLY ODD you don’t show this basic info.)
    Specifically is it 100% stevia or mixed with other sweeteners?

  • Anuj

    I am looking to buy SweetLeaf Organic Stevia extract, but want to know what are the ratio’s of steviol glycoside’s used in your stevia extract ?

  • Becky Mason

    I am allergic to aspartame and sucralose etc is stevia safe .as i even though i use honey i do like sugar in tea

  • Jeff

    Are the drops completely potassium free? Have kidney disease and looking for something without potassium! Thanks