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SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops™

Making the world a sweeter place™ … one drop at a time.

Add flavor, not calories or carbs! Made with stevia leaf extract and natural flavors, SweetLeaf® Sweet Drops let you add just the right amount of flavor and sweetness to foods, beverages, and recipes.

Since their introduction in 1996, Sweet Drops have become a favorite with consumers, who enjoy creating unique mixes and finding new ways to use them. With no artificial flavorings, consumers can be confident that Sweet Drops provide a better-for-the-body sugar alternative. Check our recipe section for Sweet Drops ideas and inspiration.

With an average of 288 servings* per 2-oz. bottle, Sweet Dropsprovide great value, as well as great taste.

Sweet Drops come in a variety of popular flavors:

Among these, Coconut is a trendy flavor, while Vanilla Crème is a classic bestseller that received the Best Taste Award from the World Stevia Organization in 2013. Cola and Grape were introduced in 2012 to provide a sugar-free option for soda fans. Chocolate was awarded 93 out of a possible 100 points by food trends editor, TODAY show correspondent and “supermarket guru” Phil Lempert, who loved its “intense versatile taste that goes a long way with just a drop or two.” Chocolate also received the 2012 Best Taste Award from the World Stevia Organization in Paris.

*Except Cola flavor