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“This is by far the best stevia product out there in my opinion. I have tried powder and other liquid stevias that I bought at local stores. However, none of them came close to the quality of this company. Not even close! This stevia liquid lasts a long time (1.5 year – 6 mths) , and it helped me get off sugar almost totally at one point in time.”

-Anonymous (Review on SteviaClear® Liquid)

“I carry this stevia everywhere with me. I use it in coffee, tea, plain yogurt, and almost anything else that needs a kick of sweetness. It is fantastic!”

– Tara B. (Review on SteviaClear® Liquid)

“Stevia Clear has no aftertaste, unlike some powdered stevias, also a bottle lasts me a year or two–very good in tea, coffee, good sugar replacement in plain yoghurt, sweetens without the carbs, calories and less costly to buy plain youghurt and sweeten it yourself.”

– Anonymous (Review on SteviaClear® Liquid)

“I drink a lot of tea (sweetened that is) and wanted a sweetener that wasn’t artificial. I have been using this brand for a while now and really like it. I keep a bottle in my purse for when I go out to eat, and just love it! I even use it to sweeten cereal. oatmeal, other drinks, etc. I have tried other natural sweeteners and I found this one to be the best tasting. Fantastic product!!”

– Jockey Fan (Review on SteviaClear® Liquid)

While looking for an all natural sweetener option, I came across your product at my local Publix. I enjoy your product because I have found that it’s one of the VERY few (if not the only) sweetener on the market that includes ONLY natural ingredients AND is a quality product with excellent taste. Since I’ve found SweetLeaf Stevia, it’s now the only sweetener that I’ll purchase. Thank you again for a superior product.

– Michelle