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I love sugar. I cannot lie. However, I also value my health and try to live my life by making good choices. Loving sugar makes this hard sometimes…that is until I found SweetLeaf. I never liked using artificial sweeteners because of their unnatural sources and unknown effects. Now I can use SweetLeaf sweetener to fulfill my sugar cravings without being worried about the side effects! Thanks!

– Molly

Using SweetLeaf Stevia helped me lose over 70 pounds by making my tea, coffee, lemonade, yogurt, oatmeal and more sweet and tasty, naturally. No sugar highs, no wild blood sugar swings, just clean delicious taste. With all the exciting flavors, I’m never bored, and with portable packets, I always have SweetLeaf conveniently at hand. Thanks, SweetLeaf!

– Sangha Smith

I have been diagnosed as having Type 2 Diabetes and am changing my lifestyle for the better and including a healthier outlook on eating – which includes cutting out unwanted calories in all areas. The SweetLeaf sweetener has made a huge difference in my eating habits – it has allowed me to enjoy my foods with the addition of the sweetener and not notice a difference in taste at all! This helps me keep my sugar levels on an even keel and is helping with weight loss – all without having to be at the expense of good taste!

– Angie

“Love it, great value, no aftertaste!!!”

– Paula M. (Review on SteviaClear® Liquid)

“I have used other brands in the last 5 years, SweetLeaf is the best! The 4oz. is a better deal b/c I use it daily, no need for sugar!”

– Erina S. (Review on SteviaClear® Liquid)