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I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read this email. I am a HUGE fan of your product, SweetLeaf Stevia. While looking for an all natural sweetener option, I came across your product at my local Publix. I enjoy your product because I have found that it’s one of the VERY few (if not the only) sweetener on the market that includes ONLY natural ingredients AND is a quality product with excellent taste.  Since I’ve found SweetLeaf Stevia, it’s now the only sweetener that I’ll purchase. Thank you again for a superior product.


– ML

I am so thankful for the hard work you do to produce delicious and calorie free Stevia. Thank you! I need to eat basically sugar free due to health reasons, and I was going crazy for even a little sweetness added back into my life, especially in my daily cup of decaf coffee, and Sweet Leaf did this for me! I have also added it to a few small desserts, and it tastes just like sugar! Thank you for all your hard work to produce a delicious and healthy alternative to sugar!

Keep up the good work!

– J

We are so happy with your product. After thorough research, we found that SweetLeaf is the only product that has no dextrose or maltodextrose! You are also the only company that processes your stevia safely! Thank you for caring so much.

– Jill Dalton

I use SweetLeaf on almost everything. It’s not bitter like some I have tried. Try it on your favorite fruit salad, you don’t have to use much at all. My grandkids like to put it on their toast. I melt some butter and milk, 2 packs of SweetLeaf, and pour over toast. A winner in our house. Another favorite, take a torta, butter it up, add cinnamon and SweetLeaf, put in microwave and you have a snack that is good for you and quick – enjoy!

– Susan

My father-in-law has diabetes. It’s an Italian family so they bond by eating and show love through cooking. There is no way we would have survived without this product. No weird taste or anything like that.

– Emily Harris