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Just thought I’d send off a quick message to you guys regarding your sweetener. The votes are in and you guys are the winner in my books! I have tried quite a few stevia sweeteners and you guys come out on top. Some have flavours to them that are too apparent in your cup of coffee, but Sweetleaf is just right! Wanted to give credit where credit is due : ) One more thing, your customer relation is the best, I had a package where the stevia hardened, for some reason. Sent in the box info and received another in the mail pronto! I wish all companies were so efficient.

– Connie

First, I just want to say I love your product. Well the honest truth is that I can not live without it. I took your Sweet Drops with me on my travels through India and Indonesia. And I will never be caught without a bottle in my purse. Thank you, thank you for existing! I have tried many stevia extracts and I have often found myself disappointed by the presence of glycerin or other absurd add-ins and/or a weird aftertaste. You’re the best! Again, thank you for your existence I celebrate you daily!

– Tricia

Just a quick note to let you know how much I LOVE SugarLeaf. I use it in almost all my baking to replace most or all sugar. My son and other treat eaters never know the difference! I use it in my coffee as well and cereal and such. It’s honestly changed my life! I have finally been able to get away from all the chemical sugar alternatives. I love that it’s processed without chemicals <3. Thanks for a WONDERFUL product.

– Jessi

Stevia Sweet Drops Water Love Love Love! Drop some in mineral water and you’ve got a sugar-free soda that tastes amazing! So glad I went for it and tried it.

– Peggy H.

We love your product! I have a little boy, who has sucrose and fructose malabsorption, and stevia is the only sweetener we can use. He loves your vanilla drops in his milk and it makes life easier!


– Kebra Poe